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There are so many different myths about motor oil in the Russian Federation that you wonder why manufacturers spend money, produce a product under their own brand, advise it for their own cars.

The problem here is not that Honda oil is bad, but that motorists do not understand these products. Domestic drivers think in categories of the nineties, in accordance with them, the oily liquid is divided into 3 categories:

  • Mineral - inexpensive, has low quality;
  • Synthetics - good quality for a high price;
  • Semi-synthetics - a balance of price and quality.
  • In reality, everything is much more complicated. Any of the categories has its own subgroups that divide the lubricant into classes, viscosities. In view of this, the original oil may have very different technical indicators.

    Synthetic oil Honda 5W30

    Lubricant made in Japan is considered low quality in the US, unstable in winter conditions, has a fairly low level of walking, and is also very expensive.

    Given this, domestic Civic or Torneo drivers often prefer a third-party oil manufacturer that promises synthetic origin and excellent technical performance. You need to know if Honda motor oils are really mineral.

    Semi-synthetic oil Honda 5W30

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  • Origin of Honda oils
  • Advantages of Honda lubricant, how to identify a fake
  • Types of Honda oil

  • Origin of Honda oils

    The basis for Honda oil fluid type 5w30 is indeed mineral oil. However, today's oil refining methods have made it possible, through hydrocracking, to achieve a high viscosity index of the base oil (that is, to improve it).

    The conclusion of experts and the permission of the American Society of Automotive Engineers established that the main oil fluid of type III VHVI must be considered synthetic.

    Consequently, Honda oil, despite the mineral base, fully meets the synthetic standard, while it does not contain synthetic components.

    Advantages of Honda lubricant, how to spot a fake

    The original Honda oil has better characteristics than the counterfeit product. It's sad, but today counterfeit oil is not uncommon. It can be identified if the following features of the original are absent:

  • Opaque container, smooth seams without burrs, smooth surface of the canister (no swelling and depressions);
  • The label is glued evenly, does not bubble, does not contain spelling errors, corresponds to the article and does not come off the container;
  • Cover firmly pressed to the stopper ring. Many manufacturers, such as Liquid Moth, engrave their lids or stick holograms that shimmer in the light, this is quite difficult to fake;
  • Fully printed product release time (accurate to the second). If you can, look at 2 canisters and check the inscription on their release (it is impossible to release 2 canisters at the same time).
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    Genuine Honda grease is a high quality product that fully corresponds to the characteristics of synthetics. The freezing point is approximately minus thirty-six degrees.

    Right fake oil honda 5W30

    Also, such oil costs much less than its conventional synthetic counterpart. Drivers who are worried about the environmental situation in the city may not worry.

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    This lubricant is easily recyclable. The only drawback is the short recommended operating period. If for real synthetics it is ten thousand kilometers, then for such an oil it will be equal to eight thousand.

    Types of Honda oil

  • SM. This lubricant is characterized by a high level of performance. Designed for use in gasoline engines. Resistant to oxidation, provides protection against various deposits and wear, increases low-temperature characteristics. Optimal for use in any car;
  • SN 5W30. It is possible to apply only for modern types of gasoline engines. Saves fuel. Differs in the limited content of phosphorus;
  • 5W30SL. It is used only for cars that are made before 2004. A special feature is considered to be constant energy-saving indicators, reduced volatility;
  • Shell HX8 5W30. Allows you to significantly increase the resource of the motor, protects it from wear in difficult operating conditions. Ideal for petrol, diesel and LPG engines;
  • hfs. Pretty high-quality synthetics for engines on gasoline or diesel. Suitable for moderate operating conditions. It has good energy saving performance. Due to the presence of additives in the HFS lubricant, fuel is saved;
  • Ultra SN LTD. Sufficiently heat-resistant, guarantees uninterrupted operation of the engine at low temperatures, increases its service life.
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