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Mitsubishi oil change: DIY instructions

When changing Mitsubishi oil, drivers should know how much lubricant needs to be purchased. According to the recommendations of the automobile manufacturer, the oil product needs to be changed every fifteen thousand kilometers.

In Russian conditions, which are considered quite severe (gas pollution, dustiness, poor road surfaces), the frequency of oil changes in the Mitsubishi engine increases by 2 times.

  • Consumable selection
  • Tools
  • Replacement algorithm
  • Conclusion

  • Consumable selection

    In order to carry out an oil change in Mitsubishi Lancer, you will need to purchase an oil product that has characteristics that are optimal for Russian weather conditions.

    Usually drivers opt for 5w30/5w40 motor oil. It all depends on the climate in which the vehicle will be used.

    Changing Mitsubishi oil is fairly easy. Even a not very experienced car owner will cope with it. Mitsubishi Lancer 9/10 / ASX / Outlander motors are structurally similar, therefore the algorithm below can be used by the driver of any of these vehicles.

    Remember that it is impossible to completely drain the used grease. Approximately three hundred grams of oil will remain in the internal combustion engine. In order to change the consumable in Mitsubishi Lancer 10, you will need to buy high-quality engine oil.

    Russian car owners who drive a Mitsubishi Lancer 10/Outlander prefer to fill the engine of their iron friend with Mobil and Motul products.

    This is due to the good performance characteristics of lubricants from these companies, which are optimal for domestic climatic conditions.

    It will take three to four liters of lubricant (it all depends on the engine size). It should be noted that a small amount of consumables will have to be poured into the oil filter.

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    For the ninth Lancer with an internal combustion engine capacity of up to two liters, three and a half liters of oil will be enough. A two-liter power unit will require about four liters of motor oil.


    Before starting the procedure for replacing the old Mitsubishi Outlander XL or Mitsubishi ASX grease with a new one, prepare the following tools and materials:

  • new car oil (three or four liters);
  • new oil filter;
  • key "for seventeen";
  • key "thirteen";
  • a container into which it will be possible to drain the used oil;
  • rag;
  • a special key by which the oil filter is dismantled.
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    The Mitsubishi Outlander XL/Mitsubishi ASX must be installed on an inspection ditch, lift or overpass.

    Oil filter wrench

    Replacement algorithm

    When replacing the car oil in the Mitsubishi L200, Mitsubishi ASX, the engine heats up, therefore, the temperature of the engine lubricant increases. It can reach high values.

    If the oily liquid gets on unprotected parts of the body, a serious burn of the skin will occur. In view of this, be careful, wear special overalls and rubberized gloves.

  • Start the engine. Wait until it reaches operating temperature, which is approximately ninety degrees Celsius.
  • Turn off the power unit.
  • Open the engine oil filler cap.
  • Carefully, so as not to get burned, remove the plug to drain the used car oil.
  • Drain the old oil product.
  • Using a special tool, remove the old oil filter.
  • Clean the oil filter seat.
  • Pour fresh oil into the new oil filter.
  • Apply auto oil to the O-ring.
  • Install the filter element.
  • Close the plug of the hole through which the lubricant was drained.
  • Slowly pour the car oil through the filler neck. If the container is not the most convenient shape, use a regular funnel. It will be necessary to fill in from three to four liters of consumables.
  • Close the oil filler plug.
  • Make sure there are no leaks from the oil filter and caps.
  • Start the engine, let it run for five to ten minutes.
  • Check oil pressure. If it is insufficient, top up.
  • This completes the replacement of the lubricant in the Mitsubishi ACX/Outlander HL/Legnum. The procedure lasts several hours.

    Carrying it out yourself gives you the opportunity not to go to a car service center. You can save your own money and time.


    Replacing the lubricant is a procedure that must be carried out during the maintenance of any car, including the Mitsubishi ASX.

    Drivers should remember that trying to save money on a consumable like engine oil can lead to rather sad consequences.

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    Filling with the “wrong” lubricant entails the occurrence of various malfunctions in the engine that can make normal operation of the vehicle impossible.

    It is better to pay right away for a high-quality oil product with good characteristics than to pay a much higher amount for car repairs later.

    This is especially true for the Russian Federation with its rather harsh operating conditions for cars.

    Optimum lubrication significantly reduces wear and tear on the internal combustion engine, allows it to operate at full capacity, extends the life of the machine, and saves fuel (approximately five percent).