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What is the purpose of M10G2K oil? In the Russian and foreign fleet there are cars whose engines do not work very well on synthetic oils.

Such vehicles are filled with mineral motor oil, for example, Lukoil, which contains certain additive components.

  • general information
  • The use of automotive oil M10G2K
  • Selection of motor oil

  • general information

    The properties and technical characteristics (density, viscosity) of motor oil are dependent on the origin of the lubricant, the additives contained in it. Information about them is written in the quality passport.

    Among motor oils there are consumables produced using a rather non-standard method. One of these petroleum products is considered to be the now quite popular motor oil M10G2K. It is made by mixing distillate and residual substances.

    These components are processed using modern techniques. During production, the mixture is purified by special methods, resulting in a high-quality oil product.

    The mixture that has been purified is treated with special additive components. They provide an improvement in the structure of the mixture, an increase in its characteristics, and protection from aggressive effects.

    Auto oil M10G2K is considered a unique oil product, which is produced for cars and tractors operating in harsh conditions.

    The use of automotive oil M10G2K

    Oil performance depends on the season and type of machine. M10G2K is usually poured into tractors in the summer. Such equipment is equipped with engines that do not have turbocharging.

    In addition, such a lubricant is poured into buses, "KAMAZ" cars that do not require a synthetic consumable. Grease M10G2K is quite thermally stable (resistant to temperature changes).

    It perfectly resists oxidation, cleans the engine, reduces wear that affects engine parts.

    It is possible to pour it even into small vessels.

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    The advantages of M10G2K oil are:

  • After use, the motor parts remain clean. There is no need to disassemble the engine and wash it;
  • the oil copes with its task even in harsh conditions, ensures the long-term operation of the internal combustion engine without failures even in winter;
  • the use of such oil makes it possible to increase the reliability of truck engine parts.
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    In addition, M10G2K has a long operating period. It does not need to be changed as often as similar lubricants. We must not forget about safety when using, for example, M10G2K Rosneft. It is classified as a 4th category of potential danger.

    Mineral oil M-10G2K

    Like other lubricants, this petroleum product has certain disadvantages. In extreme cold, its performance indicators decrease slightly. The viscosity increases, resulting in problems when starting a gasoline/diesel engine.

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    The choice of car oil

    Auto oil M10G2K is currently considered the most common consumable poured into Russian tractors. Deciphering the name is very simple.

    "G" indicates that the oil product is intended for diesel engines.

    "K" means that the lubricant must be poured into forced internal combustion engines.

    According to world standards and GOST 8581-78, this lubricant is classified as SAE 30. Today, such brands M10G2K are popular:

  • Rosneft. Universal mineral water containing various additives. Used in diesel engines, suitable for use in a wide operational range. Rosneft perfectly copes with its task in high-temperature conditions, it has cleaning properties. This prevents the formation of toxic deposits. One canister contains eighteen liters of oily liquid.
  • "Gazpromneft". It is made from mineral water mixed with many additives. It is one of the best Russian lubricants. Optimal for engines equipped with weak supercharging. Suitable for use in both summer and winter. Prevents the appearance of soot and carbon deposits, reduces the corrosive effect. The canister contains twenty liters of consumables.
  • "Lux". Oily liquid popular among Russians. Used in diesel internal combustion engines. This motor oil can be mixed with other petroleum products; it has excellent cleaning properties.
  • Oil Wright. Designed for uprated engines. Excellent wear resistance. Prevents the appearance of carbon deposits, soot formations, and other combustion products. The canister contains five / twenty / thirty liters of consumable.
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    Auto oil M10G2K today is the most popular oil product among Russians. It is used not only in everyday life, but also in industry.