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We can definitely say that Shell 5w30 motor oil is recognized and loved by drivers. It is difficult to find a motorist who would speak badly of him. This is due to the fact that Shell 5w30 has a low cost and high quality.

  • Specifications
  • Application
  • How to spot a fake product

  • Specifications

    Before you go to buy Shell oil, you should read the description of its characteristics:

  • Shell Helix Ultra car oil is considered a VIP product, which includes most of the synthetics made today and which are safe for human use.
  • The numbers in the motor oil markings indicate the temperature limits at which the viscosity index of the product does not change. Shell Helix Ultra ECT has a permit for use in moderate climatic conditions, where the temperature can range from -25 to +35 degrees, that is, it is considered all-weather.
  • In cold weather, this car oil guarantees engine starting through thick lubrication. It also saves about ten percent of fuel when warming up the car. In hot weather, the fluid characteristics of the car oil are enhanced, this makes it possible to maintain all car parts in good condition. A similar effect is achieved due to the presence of universal additives, which are a feature of the manufacturer.
  • Shell Helix HX8 not only protects the car engine, but also cleans it.
  • This oil is wear-resistant, slightly oxidized.

  • Application

    In accordance with the manufacturer's flow chart, use car oil Shell Helix ECT C3 is possible in any power unit of a passenger car.

    Whether your car is running on a gasoline, diesel or gas engine, Shell motor oil will provide excellent lubrication.

    If you previously used semi-synthetics to lubricate the motor, then before switching to a synthetic product, for example, Shell HX8, you need to diagnose the car.

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    Leaks through the gaskets and the oil filter will not bring any effect (except for wasted money).

    How to spot a fake product

    Many drivers are interested in how to distinguish a fake from an original car oil for a reason. The fake does not have the same technical characteristics as the original, and therefore is not capable of ensuring the normal functioning of the motor.

    When choosing Shell 5w30 and 5w40 oils, in order to accurately identify low-quality oil, remember that a product that is not fake has the following features:

  • The lid is made of high-quality plastic, and its color is the same as that of the container. The retaining ring visually continues the lid. When the canister is opened, it simply detaches from it and remains on the neck. The latch has no defects;
  • Pictures and inscriptions on the seal are well printed. Must have a brand name Pure Plus Technology" with a special coating that provides a mirror effect;
  • The canister is even, without depressions and protrusions. The soldering of the seams is of high quality, without damage;
  • The sticker on the back is made up of a couple of layers. The upper part can be easily torn off the container, while it will not leave marks on the bottom.
  • If any of these signs are not present, it is worth considering and asking yourself the question: “Is this oil a fake?”.


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