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  • Description

    Mineral types of motor oils are inferior to synthetic counterparts. The favorites were Shell clean products, in the lineup of which is Shell Helix HX8 Synthetic 5W 40 oil, made from natural gas using the innovative PurePlus technology.

    Application area

    The improved product is designed for new generation vehicles with petrol, gas and diesel engines. Universal oil is suitable for all passenger car brands and SUVs, while demonstrating excellent compatibility with ethanol composition and biodiesel.

    Shell Helix HX8 5W-40 has gained enviable popularity among owners of famous brands: Ferrari, Fiat, BMW and Renault. Shell continues to work on the creation of new models designed for use on Formula 1 racing cars.


    The properties of the oil are indicated by the abbreviation, in particular: viscosity is indicated by the numbers and letters 5W40. The English symbol W (winter) indicates the temperature range within -30 ... + 40 ° С.

    Viscosity values ​​according to ASTM tests look like this:

  • The kinematic coefficient (100°С) is 14.1-4.7 mm²/sۜ,
  • at 40 °C: – 86.5-88.9 mm²/s,
  • dynamic index MRV at -35°C: - 20400 cP,
  • viscosity index is estimated at 171 units,
  • oil density is 843.3 kg/m3.
  • The product hardens at -45 °C and flashes at +239 °C.

    The manufacturer recommends changing the oil every 40,000 km.

    Approvals, approvals and specification

    In the Shell product line there are many oils with the same viscosity coefficients, but different specifications and tolerances, indicating their compliance with a specific brand of machine. Information about this can be found on the lubricant label.

    For example, the approval for Mercedes-Benz is expressed by the inscription MB 229.3, and the specification is ACEA: C3. These are a kind of "markers" that allow you to choose the best option recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. All-weather product has been approved for cars:

  • Volkswagen (502.00/505.00);
  • Mercedes-Benz (229.3);
  • Renault (RN0700 and RN0710);
  • Fiat 9.55535-N2;
  • Fiat 9.55535-M2.
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    The quality of the oil is confirmed by international level specifications API SN/CF and ACEA (A3/B3, A3/B4). Information can be adjusted at the request of the developer.

    Release form and articles

    Synthetic oil HX8 5W-40 is available in cans of different volumes, designated by article numbers:

  • 550040424 - 1l
  • 550040295- 4L,
  • 550040417 – 209l.
  • 550040416- 55l.
  • Since October 3, 2016, Shell has switched to the release of new packages. The samples differ in the neck, the presence of corrugated handles on the sides, additional protection, the design of the case and the label.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The key advantages of motor oil are manifested by the following properties:

  • The absence of excess impurities.
  • Absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • The ability to thoroughly clean the engine and its components due to the presence of Active Cleansing additives.
  • Protection of parts from premature destruction and aging caused by soot, corrosion and oxidation.
  • Low volatility, affecting the fuel economy.
  • Stable viscosity that maintains the factory value under any load and temperature conditions, which ensures guaranteed easy start of the motor, regardless of external factors.
  • Normalization of friction, vibration and noise.
  • Increasing the wear resistance of components and extending the service life.

  • How to distinguish a fake

    The desire to counterfeit a branded product among scammers never ends, which is due to the great consumer demand for Shell Helix HX8 5W40. You can distinguish the original from the surrogate by external details. Here is a description of the real signature product of this brand:

  • The light gray canister should be absolutely smooth without any flaws or burrs with a relief on the bottom.
  • The cap is integral with the ring, which remains intact when unscrewed.
  • The label with a barcode (starting with 50) contains easily readable information written without errors. The presence of a fuzzy image, distortions and defects is completely eliminated.
  • Originality is evidenced by a clear batch code containing data on the batch number, location and date of the spill.
  • The cleaning technology must be indicated on the mirror label.
  • As another know-how, the company uses new handles with a textured coating and a tear-off sticker with a 16-digit code, by which the product can be verified on the resource to be 100% authentic.
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    Counterfeit can also be determined by the quality of the liquid, which has a pleasant amber color and no pungent odor. Brown and black tones indicate burnout that can cause great damage to the engine.

    It is recommended to buy a motor article only in large specialized companies or from official representatives.


    A huge number of opinions about an innovative product allows you to create an objective picture. Among the prevailing number of enthusiastic and laudatory consumer records, there are sharply negative statements regarding the price, incompatibility with TFSI motors and the difficulties that arise with starting at a temperature of -25 ° C. Here are some of them:

    The oil has a balanced combination of technical characteristics and price. As for the performance properties, they practically do not differ from the expensive Shell Helix Ultra prototype, which costs 3 times more. When driving long distances, I noticed an encouraging trend: the motor stopped knocking, and the liquid product consumption remained at zero. Alexander. 42 years
    I poured the Shell version of 5W40 into Mazda, drove it for a long time, and when I drained it, I found that it had turned very black, but had not decreased in volume. As it turned out, the presence of dirt and soot is associated with intensive cleaning of the engine surface. I really enjoyed this extra service. I'll probably switch to this one. Boris, 35 years old
    Fluid really saves fuel. During my driving life I have tried many consumables. But this one does not burn itself out and reduces the cost of gasoline. Perfect solution! Sergey, 59 years old


    Shell HX85W40 saves fuel, material resources and ensures the safety and comfort of car owners in all weather conditions. Despite the decent cost of oil, the cost of it is offset by the absence of serious problems and the pleasure of travel.



    I have extensive experience in car repair. I am ready to share my knowledge with everyone who has the right hands.

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